$ less 'what is here?'

who is?

Hi, there. I’m kazzy. my job is software developer in japan company.
I develop AI which analyze emotion that using audio data.

I’m 31 now. (2018) I was pharmacist 3years ago. But I like create things. I create audio/visual programming works from university student.
I was want to do that in work. so, I changed career in 28 yeas old.

what is this blog

I think use this blog for…

  1. Programming topics in my job and/or hobby.
  2. My interesting topics.food, coffee,(← I like these),,etc.
  3. memo for me.

I like


  1. coffee : my most favorites is Bolivia’s bean. next is ethiopia’s
  2. pizza : more favorites is NY style. but I don’t found almost store in japan..


  • pixel art games : Most favorites: Mother2(EarthBound), Moon.

Ok, My profile is done.

I studying English. but I don’t almost using this in my enviroment now. so, I write blog in English as much as I can do. If you find mistake, could you tell me..

thank you.