$ less 'How to install manjaro on dell xps 9570,and fix gpu driver'


  • Dell XPS 9570 (15inch laptop)

    • GPU : GTX1050Ti
    • Mem : 16Gb
    • SSD : 512GB
  • Dual booting with Windows10 pro

    • SSD : 120GB (windows use for BIOS update)

How to..

1. Create bootable usb

  • you can get Manjaro iso here
  • I used dd command for create a bootable usb (other)

    dd bs=4M if=/path/to/your/download/manjaro.iso of=/path/to/want/to/install/device
    • maybe need sudo
    • install to your pc

    2. Install manjaro

    • check Manjaro Official User Guide. here

    3. Boot and Fix GPU setting

    1. turn on your pc and see grub menu, press ‘E’.
    2. you can edit kernel parameters. you add ‘nouveau.modeset=0’ after ‘quiet’.
    3. press F10 , boot manjaro.
    4. you can see login page. but you can’t login now. if you login, display is black screen..
    5. press alt+shift+F2(F3,F4)
    6. display cui menu, and login your account.
    7. Create /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and write below content.
    blacklist nouveau
  1. Add to kernel params after quiet

    vim /etc/default/grub
    ... quiet acpi_rev_override=1 ...
  2. Install bumblebee and systemctl start&enable

    pacman -S bumblebee
    systemctl enable bumblebeed && systemctl start bumblebeed
    ## checked result 
    systemctl status bumblebeed
  3. Remove old drivers and new one install

    mhwd -r pci video-linux
    ## or 
    mhwd -r pci video-intel
    ## install
    mhwd -i pci video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-bumblebee
  4. reboot

    sudo reboot

Boot manjaro

  • I think you can login manjaro.

add tip

  • if you install tlp and tlp-rdw, maybe you have probem at after sleep.
  • I install tlp. manjaro don’t wake up after sleep. I thought that problem is conflict between tlp and bumblebee driver.

add nvidia pci ID to tlp blacklist

  • check your nvidia pci ID

    lspci | grep "NVIDIA" | cut -b -8
    # maybe you can see like a below 
  • add above ID to tlp blacklist.

    vim /etc/default/tlp
    # search RUNTIME_PM_BLACKLIST and rewrite like a below.
  • reboot

Customize bumblebee config

vim /etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf
  • reboot

All done!